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So you are looking for a Mistress who loves to smoke on cam? If you enjoy the smoking fetish then you have come to the right place as I love smoking fetish, I love to blow my smoke directly at you, taking long lingering draws on my ciggie and covering you in smoke with my slow exhales out at you. Or perhaps you like the idea of being my human ashtray where I not only blow smoke out at you but I also use you as my ashtray. If you would like a live smoking fetish cam show then look no further as I love nothing more than to tease you as I smoke my long cigarette taking a slow long drag on it and then blowing it out all over the cam so all you can see is big puffs of smoke.You can keep up to date with all my fetishes by saving the homepage at cruel femdom cams 
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So what is it about smoking that drives guys wild? It can bring many a guy to his knees, is it the sultry look the power behind each drag?

 I have for many years come to realise that the majority of guys who visit my webcam with smoking fetish do not smoke themselves but they just enjoy watching a woman smoke for them. From long inhales to french inhales. Some guys I have asked say it comes from years ago watching the movie Grease when Frenchie does a long french inhale and blows it out so slowly

Smoking fetish Mistress loves smoking on live cam for you, she slowly applies her bright red glossy lipstick and takes long and slow inhales, coming closer to the cam every time to tell you how she wants to blow it all over your face or your cock and balls, Mistress describes on cam in detail  how much she loves to blow smoke all over you and she waits to see how much it makes your cock twinge just watching her on web cam. Mistress has had many human ashtrays in the past as well who just love to hold their hands out and catch all of that smoke.

Smoking fetish is probably one of the most asked for fetishes on cam these days. Everyone enjoys watching a sexy female in fetish clothing taking long draws on that cigarette, watching her blow it directly at you, describing in detail how much she loves to smoke for you while wearing her PVC or lingerie outfits.

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You know you have stopped to look at women whilst they smoke and you know the reaction it gives you when you see it, so join my live cam now and  watch me live as I smoke my cigarettes or cigars
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