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Mistress Loves nothing more than to degrade and humiliate her sissies in live sissy cam shows, from live humiliation to live degradation, we know exactly how to train you to be the perfect little bitch for us.We enjoy all forms of humiliation, from dressing you up to look like a little slut to dressing you up to be a little maid, no matter what the scenario this Domme knows exactly how to get you to be what she wants.Are you ready  you dirty little slut?
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With years of experience and being a natural dominant, there is nothing this Mistress won't make you do, in fact, the more humiliating for you the better. All of our Mistresses like to use you for entertainment purposes, to dress you like a little bitch and abuse you both verbally and physically so get ready to be controlled by this amazing Mistressin a cruel dominating, but kinky cam show. These really are the top Femdom cams online

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No matter what the circumstances this Live Lady loves every single aspect of humiliation and you can read and learn more by browsing this site and seeing for yourself why you need to come right now and serve me.

In my sissy webcam shows, I demand you to stand to attention for inspection and to practice how you courtesy in front of me, to see you all dressed up in panties and stockings. If you have no panties buy some or use your wives/girlfriends, we do not care as this is your problem so come to me ready to please me and make me happy.

So getready little sissy girl to enter my live chat room now. We enjoy ever area of sissy domination, from forced feminization, to public dressing, to cock sucking, cum eating and ensuring all of our nasty little girls  are aware of the sissygirl rules at all times.

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Hello, sissies this a story was written by another sissy just like you. So go ahead and read it

and if you can relate it to be sure to see me soon.

Sissy Story

Sissy Humiliation Mistress loves sissies. I have come to know this over the years that I have been in Her service. Sissy's are not real men, they are just little girly sluts who need to be used and controlled. Sissy's do not have cocks... oh no! Sissy's have clitties like all good girls. I love to play with my clitty very much even though it is very small.

Mistress is very unhappy with my clitty and says that it must be punished. If I want to be a good gurl for Her I must accept my punishment and thank Mistress for making me into such an obedient slut. I want to please Mistress very much all the time. Mistress is very good to Her gurls like me and She is stretching my gurl hole nice and wide so that I can take big toys for Her. I love it when She comes onto webcam and She is so happy to see my hole stretched and ruined.

True sluts need to be ruined Mistress says and She knows best. I love to be a slut. So all my holes need to be ruined. I love it when Mistress makes me fuck my holes so good. I should be proud of it She says and I do love to be stretched and filled. I love the feeling in my clitty when the toys are riding in my hole and it makes me very tingly inside. It makes Mistress very happy to see me like this... She says that Her mission is to tell the whole wide world what a dirty slut I am. So I must do as She wants or else Mistress will be unhappy and I will be punished. I am nervous that She will tell the world that I am a sissy slut girl. I am a true slut and everyone will know. It did not use to make me happy that Mistress has turned me into a girl.

I was very ashamed. I am still ashamed inside of me sometimes that I will do these things. Mistress knows best and She wants to make me into the best sissy slut ever. The panties I wear are very slutty and I have to wear them until Mistress says I can change them. They get very smelly and I have to taste them. Sometimes Mistress is really nice and I can wash them in my mouth before I put them back on. To make my self-nice and ready for Mistress She always puts in a nice butt plug so I can feel full all the time. I like the inflatable ones best because they will stretch my hole more and I will feel super full and nice and ready for big toys and cocks. Mistress says I like cock so much She is going to find me one someday.

I love to suck on cock so much, especially when my gurl hole is full as it makes me feel so slutty. I am just a simple slutty girl. I want all my holes filled just like a good whore. I love the feeling of those cocks in my mouth. I used to feel bad that I liked cocks in my holes but Mistress says She has found the real slut inside. I am lucky to find Her or else I may not know how much of a slut I am real. When Mistress is around I no longer have a boy name, or a girl name, because I am so much of a dirty little I am just 'slut' and 'whore'. She says I do not need long words anymore like in my other life. It is better now as I only have small words and it makes me happy because I don't have to think. Mistress does all my thinking and that is best. She likes to dress me up and it makes me feel tingly and now I am less ashamed. My clitty gets super excited sometimes when Mistress dresses me up... I like to see Her nice big cock and suck it again.

Until then I have my own special toy to play with and suck and that is almost as good as Mistress one. I think about Her and every time She used my holes on webcam I wish She was there and I could worship Her like a good little girlie bitch. I dream about Her and cock lots and lots. I wish I had a nice cock right now as it would be so yummy and if I was good maybe it would give me lots of nice cum for me to eat. Cum is so yummy - Mistress says it shows how much of a slut I am that I like all cum and it just makes me hornier. She is right. That is why Mistress controls me and punishes me so I can be the best slut for Her ever. I am so lucky She dresses me up and makes me feel so good. I am a happy girl when Mistress is happy and I don't want to be anything else when I am with Her. Even with my panties down being spanked with a paddle is great if it pleases Mistress cos that is all that matters.

I really must thank Her for being such a great Mistress and being in control because another wise I would be out on the streets like the whore that I am. I don't have to think no more She just tells me what to wear and do and it feels so good. I need to be controlled as it is not good to have sluts out of control as they will just do whatever they want and be dirty and filthy whore left all to themselves. It feels so good to be a sissy gurl for Mistress. Thank you very much, Mistress, for making me into such a good slut.  Mistress has also stated that she will put me on a sissy tranny site to do cam shows from to make her money as this is what all good sluts should be doing she said she will make me work from a site called That scares but excites me. Stay tuned for my next story
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