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Need some Jerk ofF Instructions? Then be sure to check out these live cams below all eager and waiting to instruct you on how to jerk that cock! They may have some edge play fun with you, they may build you up to an anti climax they main have some ruined orgasm fun with you,the point is you just don't know how she wants to proceed with her Jerk off instruction webcam sessions so pop into the live rooms below and be prepared to be tortured by forced wanking, orgasm denial and much more

Cum eating instructions on cam

Ready for Mistress to tell you how to eat that cum? We all know you have that fantasy the fantasy for cei ( cum eating instructions) But yet as soon as you do the deed you run off! Not anymore Loser. This time you are going to cum in a condom and bring it to a session so there is no getting out of it. It's time to taste that cum and pre-cum. It's time to get the instructions you so need.Get ready for our live domination cams online
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Welcome to the slut slaves story all about orgasm control, tease and denial and edge play More mistress cams here

Edge Play

The anticipation of orgasm - such a wonderful feeling as you are just about to tip over the edge and into a cock pulsing body trembling cum... Pulsing and squirming your seed. It is a truly special feeling and often we try and savour this, keeping ourselves on the brink as long as possible, enjoying the almost orgasmic feeling as long as we can. 

In the control of another, willing participant, a broad-minded lover, it can be a shared experience for both partners. Letting her control your edges, letting her tease you and see the anticipation on your face is a deeply erotic experience. It is also a weapon. In the right hands, or wrong hands, it can be a means to torment and control a man so completely it can drive him to the very brink of destruction.

I have the first-hand experience of this. Since Mistress has taken control of Her cock it is tormented and teased at Her whim.

 It is rarely going to cum again, not properly in the way that real men can cum. The only release for Her cock is ruined orgasm and the endless edging and denial. In edging, Mistress is teasing and sadistic. I was ordered to take Her cock out of is a prison and I was happy to obey. It is horrible in the cage especially thinking about Mistress.

I was ordered to edge continuously for half an hour, to a porn film...

 watching those men and women having sex freely without any constraints and with such abandon really woke up the slut in me and Mistress cock was so desperate.

 Women taking a nice cock deep into her mouth... edge... no letting up... the instant the edge subsided I had to carry on... switching positions into a three-way... edge... of god! Edge after edge. I could feel the cum welling up in my shaft and no... hands off! Garrrgh!! 

This is so frustrating... Mistress cock surges again... hands off! The woman on the screen is now being double teamed and she is so wanton... Oh god. I want to be her... My inner slut is rampant but totally helpless. Ready for with a strict domme like the mistress I have had to endure?

Any disobedience means punishment... I must be a good slut.. it is why I need to be controlled says, Mistress. I edge, again and again, humping my hand like a true whore that I am. I want to cum so badly and every time I take my hand away I feel the humiliation and shame of my position.

 I do not deserve a cum. Edge... again... hands back on... so so so close... god I want to cum so bad... edge, hands off! The minutes are ticking by so slowly now and I can almost hear Mistress laughter in my head. I am over a hundred edges now... one hundred and six by the time I tell mistress the count as my ordeal is over.

Not satisfied She personally teases me more... torturing Her pathetic little cock.. my clitty. Frustrated and humiliated, I am forced to lock Mistress cock back up. I cover the pathetic clitty with my panties. No cum... No end in sight. Just endless torment for this sissy slut. 

Keep watching for more updates on my torment I have been told if I do not do everything I am told she will turn me into a sissy and make me work on live webcam at i do not want to work on that site I am not a shemale but if I refuse I stay locked with no way out she has my chastity key??? shemale webcam

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Cum eating instructions or ( cei) as some know it as is another very popular request that is asked on a daily basis. Yes, little sluts like you need to be forced to eat that load. The thing about this topic is that when it comes to it most sluts and subs log out as soon as the deed is done. ( Yes you know who you are).

Do not worry though I HAVE a master plan in place to stop you useless subs running.You can also visit other Dommes who just love to watch you and make you eat that load for us

I have told many of my dirty little sissy girls to start collecting their cum in condoms and freezing it so as it is ready for our next session. You see when you are horny you will do the deed but once you have cum the notion is off you. This is not acceptable to us you are there to serve and when we demand you eat it or play it then you MUST DO IT! Got it!!

Right good now we can move on. I love to watch my nasty little bitches on cam eating cum loads, and blackmailing them that if they do not then I will post about them on my blogs and yes as most of you know I have hundreds of them!

The more exposure for you lot the better. We do not tolerate those who can not follow through with simple instructions. Yes, we know how pathetic and useless you are but when we give an order you jump to it. So if you are now ready for your cei then be sure to enter the rooms and see for yourself just how ruthless these strict women can really be.