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Chastity contracts online. Ever wondered what it is like to be in a chastity contract?

Well read on and then enter our live training sessions with Online Pros who know exactly how to deal with you

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I have to admit I love nothing more than having a sub in a chastity and on a contract and knowing that I own his cock and balls as well as his orgasm for the foreseeable future.

To turn the key and here it click shut then laugh at him as I take the key away it just amuses all Mistresses. You see. It's at that point you know it is over, you can no longer wank freely when you want.

Most men like to wank a few times a day but once your little cock is locked in it's cage it is over for you.

To know that a female now controls your cock and balls and wanking habits is  a bit of  a nightmare for most subbie boys

To tease them and strip in front of them, or to even orgasm in front of them or demand they watch porn is so much fun for a female


Because we know you are desperate, that cock that now belongs to mistress is pushing against the cage and it hurts !!!

This is the power that women can have over weak men like you. Because you would do just about anything to get out of that prison

This is  why I love chastity contract when it is decided how long you will stay in that cage and you Must sign and agree to all the terms in the contract

Some Mistresses do have a buy out clause but don't be fooled into think that is the easy option for you because if they are anything like me that buy out clause would be in the region of thousands.

I have no interest in listening to your sob stories, I will continue to make you go and read the contract again

Now this contract may have clauses in where  the female can  make you remove the chastity and wank she may make you edge that cock and when you have edged it many times she will RUIN the orgasm

This is just so she can remove any build up of cum as it is not natural to have that amount of build up.

She may milk your ass, this is entirely up to her and she and only SHE will decide how she wants to milk you.

You can read more about chastity lifestyle here This is a great way to control a slave by using a chastity device on him and making it his little prison this is why female domination cams have the best selection of trained Females who just love to be keyholders and have you under there thumb.Keep up to date with all of our top femdom cams right here

After all, this is where losers belong. The real live dominatrixes know it is your place to submit to them and worship them. They love to tease you know you cant even touch that cock. The cock that now belongs to them.
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​Chastity Story 
There are lots of pitfalls to being a slave in chastity. Being woken up at 3 am in agony as a nighttime erection is blocked by your cocks plastic prison is one of them.

 Lying there in agony, willing it to go away so you can get back to sleep only makes it worse. That is a torture in itself. Or the constant state of blue balls you have and the sinking feeling in your stomach as you imagine your last orgasm and that blessed feeling of relief that you have not felt in a long time, and won’t for a long while yet.

 All these are bad but the worst of all s the chastity tease torture. Real men who are allowed orgasms and sexual relief love teasing. The feeling of their cock pulsing, throbbing and hard.

 A woman's sexy lips and tongue on it. All building up to the sweet feeling of relief and release. But for pathetic, small cock losers like me, locked in chastity by a dominant woman, teasing has a whole other meaning. Pain. Because throughout the whole tease, my cock is still locked in its cage.

 Unable to get hard and unable to get touched to enable relief. This can go on for hours while my Mistress orgasms several times as my suffering turns her on more and more. Let me tell you a story of one of the most sadistic chastity tease sessions I have ever been subjected to.

I am kept in a cage at the foot of Mistresses bed. No padding or covers. Just a metal floor. She opened the bedroom door and unlocked the cage door, ordering me out. I crawled out, dutifully kissing her foot as I did so. You only make the mistake of not doing it once, believe me.

“UP” she ordered
I rose to my feet and a blindfold was placed over my eyes and I was dragged into the centre of the sitting room.
I knelt onto my knees and my hand were secured behind me and fastened to the ring on the floor. I was now upright and fastened to the floor, still blindfolded.

 I heard movement as Mistress moved around. I waited nervously for what would happen.
Would I receive a kick to the balls? Clamps to my nipples? Electrodes to my aching blue balls(I have not cum in over 4 weeks)? But after a few minutes, I heard the light click off and I was left blindfolded, in the dark, and alone.
She had gone

It was about ten minutes before she arrived back. I heard the light switch on and she walked over to me. The blindfold was removed and I blinked in the light. Then I saw it. The yellow mat with the blue trim around it.
Oh no. Oh please god no. Not this. ANYTHING but this.

I have not cum in over 4 weeks and I was about to be teased by being forced to watch Mistress do yoga. Real men love watching sexy women do yoga. But Chastity slaves like me? It’s HELL.

She stood before me, looking as sexy as ever. She had on tight black yoga pants that hugged her perfect size 10 frame and made her ass and legs look absolutely perfect and stopped just above her ankles and her white Adidas trainers with the yellow soles.

Her top half was clothed in a tight black sports bra top that pushed her ample cleavage together, making them pop upwards, and left her perfectly flat midriff exposed. Her long, sleek black hair was tied back in a neat ponytail and around her neck was, of course, my key. The key to the padlock that kept my cock locked away and denying me sexual pleasure was hanging tantalizingly close, perched just above her perfect breasts. 

I stared at it, longingly. I would love for an orgasm at the best of times, but knowing what was to come in the next half hour meant I would give anything just to be unlocked and allowed an erection.

 This was going to be torture. Then she began.
She stood in front of me and put her arms above her head, stood on her toes and arched her back. Her navel and pleasure area was right in front of me. My cock instantly began to get hard but was stopped by the cruel, cold plastic of the chastity cage I am forced to wear. 

Then she bent over and placed her hands on my shoulders. Her ample, perfect breasts were RIGHT in front of me. I longed to touch them. To feel them. By now I swear my cock was going to break the plastic. I was in agony as it felt as if my balls were being ripped from my body. But she didn’t care. My suffering amused her. My key dangled teasingly as she stretched her back.
“Staring at my breasts slave? That’ll cost you later”

I’ve paid the price before. It’s steep. But I couldn’t take my eyes off. I squirmed slightly as my cock filled the cage and strained and struggled to get hard. 

I was desperate for an erection and I would have given my left arm for the chastity cage to be taken off. My cock was in absolute agony as it struggled to rise. But the plastic held it in place. This was the worst kind of torture. Give me electrics to the nipples or a pinwheel to the balls. Anything but a cruel, sadistic chastity tease like this one.

She stepped back and put one foot on my shoulder and leaned in, stretching her hamstrings. She looked me dead in the eye as I looked at her pleadingly. Desperately.

 Begging with my eyes for her to remove my chastity cage and allow me at least an erection. But she gave me that cold, sadistic smile she gives where one side of her lip purses. She was enjoying my torment.
She swapped legs then stood back.

“Ready to watch slave? Would an erection be nice eh? Your cock looks like its struggling a bit in that cage. Bet that hurts?”
She giggled as I squirmed, trying desperately to find some comfort and relief from the torment my cock was under. But there was none. It was trapped and aching.

She lay on her back and placed her feet next to my calves(which were now almost in cramp) and slid forward so her knees were raised.
Oh god. The pelvic thrust.

She raised her pelvis so her sweet pleasure palace was thrusting towards me. Tears filled my eyes and I felt like my ball sack was going to burst, or my cock cage was going to shatter. After a few minutes of this, she rolled over. She put her ass in the air and rose up into downward facing dog. The worst position of all. Her perfectly round ass was now millimetres from my face. I longed to touch it and my penis was now trying to kill me as it throbbed. Pre-cum leaked through my cage and dripped onto the floor. A sin Mistress HATES

“Pre-cum? On my floor? Your going to be really sorry for that”

Then it was time for an upward facing dog. Her heaving, perfect cleavage was thrusting and I could not tear my water filled eyes away. It had been so long since my last orgasm. I was desperate. The agony in my cock as it tried so hard to get erect was going to make me pass out.

Her yoga session consisted of around another 5 poses, each of which somehow resulted in Mistresses body parts being teased in front of me, tormenting me in twisting agony with my need and desperation for a hard-on.

After 30 minutes it was over. She rose to her feet and rolled the yoga mat up. She slapped me gently on the cheek.
“That was a fun slave. I feel so relaxed now. Hope you enjoyed yourself”

I was in utter agony. The plastic cage was biting into my cock and it strained and pressed in a hopeless effort to get erect. I had hoped to be released from my chastity and allowed an orgasm. Or even to have a ruined orgasm would have done. ANYTHING for some relief from the plastic. But no. She simply smiled, turned and walked out of the room, flicking the switch as she left and leaving me in darkness. 

Alone and in desperate agony with a cock still straining in a futile attempt to get an erection and a severe case of blue balls.
That was a particularly severe chastity tease session. But by no means the last. This is the life of a chastised slave at the hands and mercy of a powerful, dominant woman.

This is my life

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